10 x inspiration // Bohemian IKEA-products

When I was younger, I used to go a little nuts every time an IKEA catalogue fell on our door mat. I used to mark a page for everything I liked and I had a million ideas how to liven up my bedroom even more. Like a kid in a candy store! Because of these fond memories, I was super excited to attend the launch of the 2016 IKEA-products catalogue at Paviljoen Puur. And man, what a GREAT location! I’m totally visiting again, with or without a press event… Yesterday, it was completely decorated with new IKEA products, and I thought I’d give you a photographic impression. Of course, everything I photographed is bohemian – I especially liked the (water) cans, jars and baskets, they’re wonderful to create a laid-back atmosphere in your home.

So take a look and let yourself be inspired!

IKEA Catalogus 2016-1

IKEA Catalogus 2016-2

IKEA Catalogus 2016-3

IKEA Catalogus 2016-10

IKEA Catalogus 2016-4

IKEA Catalogus 2016-5

IKEA Catalogus 2016-6

IKEA Catalogus 2016-9

IKEA Catalogus 2016-11

IKEA Catalogus 2016-7

OK, make that 11 tips: did you know that IKEA has a vegetarian version of their famous meatballs nowadays? Extra yummy when served in a wrap!

IKEA Catalogus 2016-8

The catalogue is on sale from the 10th of August, 2015. You can spot all these items and many, maaannyy more!

What do you think of these new IKEA products?

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