10 x Inspiration // Teaching yoga at St Maarten

In November 2014, I had the opportunity to teach yoga at St Maarten. Of course I jumped at the chance: a fortnight later I was in sunnier climes. But what happened before that?

In June, I graduated in Fysiotherapy. Because I wanted to have a real go at being a fysiotherapist, I quit my day job and started looking for employment. It didn’t work out that way, though. Not having a job, I decided to travel around on my own and a month later, I was in Costa Rica. A beautiful country. I decided to just take life as it came and see what happened, and I had the best time.

Back in Holland, I really had to adapt: I went from a yang life (working, attending college and travelling back-and-forth to my boyfriend in Utrecht) to a yin life in a new city (I moved to Utrecht). Luckily, I could fill in at my old work for a month, but I still felt like I was in a void; I didn’t know what to do with myself in Utrecht. Then, one day, I came across a Facebook post, advertising a replacement yoga position for two months in St Maarten. I knew immediately I had to take this chance. It took some e-mailing back and forth and convincing my boyfriend that I had to leave again, but two weeks later I arrived in a tropical paradise.

The yoga teacher replaced was gone for 6 weeks; I could stay at her place and I taught her classes (7 or 8 per week and private lessons and workshops on the side). And if you’re a yoga teacher in St Maarten, you just have to have one (or more) photoshoot(s) on the beach at sunrise!

So enjoy these 10 photographs and imagine yourself in paradise! I get lost in them again and again, reminiscing about the wonderful time I had and the things I’ve learned at St Maarten. That’s what can happen when you quit your day job…

Inspiratie Manja 1

Inspiratie Manja 2

Inspiratie Manja 3

Inspiratie Manja 4

Inspiratie Manja 5

Inspiratie Manja 6

Inspiratie Manja 7

Inspiratie Manja 8

Inspiratie Manja 9

Inspiratie Manja 10

If you want to travel to Sint Maarten, check out to take yoga lessons at the beach!

Love, Manja

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