6 x Mind Expanding Movies

A movie that touches your mind, switches on your mental radar and makes sure you will think beyond the normal standards. A movie that you will think about for weeks, years even. A movie that you watch over and over again, because it makes you think about how you stand in life, how ‘normal’ some things are and how different they are approached in the movie. These are the typical movies that we can view life, the perception of reality, differently. These are my 6 favorites, thus far:

1. Samsara


Samsara is a wonderful documentary from 2011, made by the creators of the same type of documentaries Baraka and Chronos. “Samsara” is Sanskrit and represents the eternal cycle of transformation, in which the word is used in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth; themes that we see in the film. The images are stunning and the music compliments its power. ‘Samsara’ also highlights the relationship between humanity and the rest of nature. The message? That we all have a global consciousness and are interconnected and that we are simultaneously wonderful and awful. Must see. 

2. Inception


That we can do much more with our dreams, is a fact. However: no one really does something with it. Dom Cobb knows how. He is a skilled thief, a true master in the field of “extraction”: to steal valuable secrets from the subconscious of people who are in the dreaming state, when the mind is most vulnerable. Cobb gets the chance to get his old life back in exchange for performing an almost impossible ‘inception’. Cobb and his team of specialists don’t have to steal an idea this time, but places one in one’s brain.

3. Interstellar


In the future, governments and economies have collapsed all over the world. Food is scarce, NASA no longer exists and the 20th century is the big culprit. When a mysterious wormhole opens in spacetime, it is time for a remaining group of NASA scientists to explore and to give humanity hope. So spacy that it painfully paints a clear picture of the future for our children.

4. The Butterfly Effect


The 20-year old student Treborn Evan (Ashton Kutcher) has a unique but dangerous gift. He is able to return to his past. For Evan, haunted by guilt, it seems the ideal way to get his life – especially that of his former love Kayleigh – back on track. But Evan does not consider the so-called ‘butterfly effect’, the iron law which states that the tiniest change in the past has a huge impact on the future. He soon loses control of his gift. An eternal lesson to accept what is happening in the now and that you can’t do anything but accept and go on with your life.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


An insanely romantic mind expanding movie. Joel (Jim Carrey) is completely confused and let down that his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) erased her memories of their tumultuous relationship. In desperation, he contacts the inventor of the process, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson), to remove Clementine out of his memory as well. But as Joel’s memories of Clementine begin to fade, he begins to rediscover his love for her. He tries with all his power to work against the process, which takes place deep in his brains. While Dr. Mierzwiak and his crew chase him through his own memories, Joel is more and more obvious that he does not want to get Clementine out of his head.

6. Avatar


Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a cripple war veteran in the future, who is placed with several others to the moon Pandora. Humanity wants to extract valuable materials from the ground. But this planet is inhabited by the Na’vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. The Na’vi do everything to protect themselves against the people. Sully gets involved in their struggle for freedom, and is also in love with one of them… Avatar is a complete wake-up call how do we deal with other countries, other cultures and simply do ‘our own thing’ without considering the consequences.

Which movie will you watch first? And do you have a good tip?

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