An affair to remember // ADE Green

Sacha Sieradenlijn 2015-3

It’s no secret: we love festivals! Rock, house, pop, alto… You name it, we’re there.  But… what about sustainability and festivals? It’s easily forgotten when you’re busy having fun and dancing, but still: it’s a theme that every Modern Hippies holds dear to her heart.

If you’re interested in the subject, you should certainly attend ADE Green on the 14th of October, during the first day of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). ADE Green is a initiative by ID&T en ADE, which wants to start a global green dance movement. How? By connecting pioneers in the fields of sustainability, innovation and societal change and members of the electronic music community and ‘drawing’ the future.

Three years ago, ID&T en ADE decided to kick-start a global green dance movement. And you can already feel the change in the Netherlands, although we still have to look abroad for more inspiration, such as the Shambala Festival (which is organized with 100% clean energy).Sharing expertise and experiences is a big part of the conference.

You’ll find the whole program here. Some highlights:

  • A workshop in Good Festival Food. Next: Beyond Organic, what is good festival food?
  • A workshop Communicating sustainability. How can you tell your stories on environmental sustainability and engage your audiences? How can you build this into your broader communications strategy?
  • Leaders ahring their visions: Brian of Greenpeace, Rob Scully of Glastonbury and Alex Cornelissen of Sea sheperd.
  • A battle between start-ups of Open House, featuring the best ideas on sustainability and innovation of festivals. From modular headphones to quality that you rent and don’t buy; from tents made of carton to solutions to the garbage problems of longer festivals and a platform that assembles updates on your favorite artists on any social media and music channel.
  • The opening of an avant garde film during ADE Green! ICE AND THE SKY by academy-award winning director Luc Jacquet. It looks great!. The real release date is 12 november. Watch the trailer here:

Where: De Brakke Grond Amsterdam (Nes 45)
When: Wednesday the 14th of October 2015, 10.00 – 20.00
Tickets: 25,- . You can get them here

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