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ART & CULTURE 02 feb 2016 0

Interview // Zella Day

I wrote about the young modern day chanteuse Zella Day a few months ago, so I was deeply honoured to be invited to interview her before her ... Lees meer

Wilderness Magazine
ART & CULTURE 20 okt 2015 0

Must Have // Wilderness Magazine

Bron foto Believe me – nobody ever told me I resemble a guy (ok, ok, apart from the time I was 12 and thought a short ‘do would ... Lees meer

Upcycling tuinkassen Suzip 1
ART & CULTURE 10 okt 2015 0

Garden State // Upcycling Greenhouses

Do you have your own garden? Then there’s a must-have you can’t do without: the upcycling greenhouses by Suzip x Werken aan hout... Lees meer

Curated 4
ART & CULTURE 28 sep 2015 0

An affair to remember // Curated: Closer to music

The first time I met Joep van Leijsen, he told me he always asked people the following question: ‘What makes you happy?’. Now, I know th... Lees meer

ART & CULTURE 22 sep 2015 0

Vintage muses 4 // Uschi Obermaier

Bron foto Unlike my first two vintage muses (do read my articles on Talitha and Edie!), whose story didn’t have a happy ending, t... Lees meer

ART & CULTURE 01 sep 2015 0

Music we love // Playlist #5

Time for some music… Recently released, a gem from the past or a track by an as-yet-unknown artist (or one that’s not constantly pla... Lees meer

Disfunkshion Magazine
ART & CULTURE 18 jul 2015 0

Inspiration // 5 x Bohemian Magazines

Yes, yes, of course: we all know it, magazines are the devil’s work. And especially women’s magazines: created exclusively to pr... Lees meer

Geestverruimende Films
ART & CULTURE 06 jul 2015 0

6 x Mind Expanding Movies

A movie that touches your mind, switches on your mental radar and makes sure you will think beyond the normal standards. A movie that you wi... Lees meer