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FOOD 21 okt 2015 0

The pangasius conundrum // Sustainable from the Far East or caught locally?

I’ve had some long-standing doubts on how to start this article. It’s written for Modern Hippies, people who’d perhaps pre... Lees meer

Gembershotje 1
FOOD 30 sep 2015 0

Food tip: Ginger shot // Kick start to your day (literally)

The alarm goes off. Your heavy eyes open and you slowly wake up – this process can take anywhere from 2 minutes up to 2 hours. Do you ... Lees meer

Klassieke Groene Smoothie
FOOD 24 jul 2015 0

Classic green smoothie // Spinach, banana, strawberry and mango

This smoothie is the Cadillac of smoothies – a classic amongst classics! It’s always yummy and so simple to make that it’s... Lees meer