Classic green smoothie // Spinach, banana, strawberry and mango

Klassieke Groene Smoothie

This smoothie is the Cadillac of smoothies – a classic amongst classics! It’s always yummy and so simple to make that it’s a no-brainer – if I’m not feeling very inspired or don’t have any energy for fussy recipes, I’ll just make this one. I do always add some nuts or other crunchy ingredients, so I can ‘chew’  my smoothie (this enhances digestion and satisfies your appetite).

You’ll need (for 2 smoothies):

  • Mango
  • 100 gr. strawberries (or more, of course!)
  • Banana
  • Half a bag of fresh spinach
  • Glass of water

How to make it?

Like I said: peanuts. Cut up all the ingredients and throw them into a blender. If you have a cheap blender, put in the spinach first, so it’ll be blitzed more easily. Don’t forget to add a few nuts. Bon appetit!

Do you have an ultimate ‘classic’  smoothie?

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