Cultural Caravan for Peace at Pllek

Pllek has a special place in my heart – it’s definitely in the top 3 of my favorite places in Amsterdam! In 2012, quite by accident, I attended the opening at Queen’s Day and the rest is history. I’m not the monogamous type, so sometimes I flirt with other places (Roest, Dok, Waterkant, De Ceuvel, Noorderlicht), but again and again Pllek seduces me and every time I’m there it feels like the first time. I’ve had a lot of special occasions at Pllek: a few first dates, some unique cinematic experiences, parties, festivals, dinners, the Morning Gloryville ochtendrave and even a photo shoot with the other girls of the blog (a looong time ago). Last week, a new, memorable experience could be added to the list: cultural caravan for peace.

The Cultural Caravan Network is a platform that organizes meetings where people with diverse cultural backgrounds can meet, exchange ideas and perhaps even collaborate – all while enjoying lovely food and traditional Moroccan music. Traditionally, these caravans have been the key to stimulating cultural diversity and promoting peace and tolerance. This year, the caravan started out from Africa (Morocco and Mali) and travelled through Europe (first Italy and France, last week Holland, and on to Belgium and Poland).

I loved the evening! Below is a small photographic impression of my experience. The beach at Pllek was transformed into a Arabic fairy tale: Persian carpets, beautiful exotic lanterns, beanbags to lounge in, nomadic flatbreads being cooked over an open fire, apple tea and Desert Blues until the sun set. It felt like a mini vacation to me and I went home feeling all Zen and satisfied!

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 1

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 2

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 3

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 4

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 5

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 6

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 7

Cultural Caravan for Peace bij Pllek 8

Check Pllek’s website en Facebook page for future events (Sunday the 16th of august is my insider tip). And remember: even without a special event, Pllek is the place to be!

Love, Anouk