Inspiration + Win // Handmade Gifts for Newborns

I love people who work from their passion and creativity and decide to make things with their own hands. They follow their heart and let their creativity run wild. And when they also make gifts that are super cute and special, then I’m totally excited. People, meet: Miksfabriek!

Are you visiting a new born baby and prefer to give an original gift? Tadaaa: a loving package for a new born with handmade stuffed animal Sweetie, a pouch for the first tuft of hair, a tooth box and sweet congratulations. The package looks great and there is a loving card from owner Marielle, who makes everything herself with so much love.

Miksfabriek Win 4

Would you like to give a stuffed animal, but don’t prefer a teddy bear, since there is a big chance the baby has already got two of the bears standing in his room? Take a look at these cute animals. Cool design and as I mentioned handmade, so it makes the gift quite original.

Miksfabriek Win 2

Miksfabriek Win 3

You’ll also find sweet congratulations cards, pillows, boxes with happiness Inimini dolls (youth sentiment), birthday cards on foam, all super cute to give as a present. She also makes products on demand, so you can pick a beautiful color and she will make the desired stuffed animal in a certain format. Marielle just got herself a new happy customer. She really gives me a good vibe. She is happy when she can make people happy with beautiful products where she can add her personal touch. Make something special for special people, that is what gives her a good feeling. I’m so fond of warm people …

Miksfabriek Win 5

Two friends of mine are now pregnant and both calculated in August. I can’t wait to show my lovely handmade gifts to them.


Miksfabriek Win 1

Would you like to win one of these cute little bunnies*? This is what you have to do:

Next week we will notify the winner by mail. Be sure to check your inbox!

*Dutch residents only

Love, Chanou

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