Interview // Zella Day

I wrote about the young modern day chanteuse Zella Day a few months ago, so I was deeply honoured to be invited to interview her before her gig in Bitterzoet next Sunday!

1. Tour is a traveling circus with stage lights, greasy dudes, free beer, lots of laughs, hotel rooms, and loads of inspiration. I have days where I’m in love with every part of tour and days where I just want to be back at home in my bed with my dog.

2. My album just came out four months ago so let’s focus on this one xoxo.

3. Each song is a different vulnerable message, I’m striving to be a good person and through that I want other people to feel inspired to do the same. There is a universal love that I have always felt connected to and I’m trying to extend the invitation.

4. The songs I write are the evidence of my growth. Listening back to the songs I wrote two years ago you can hear how my prospective has expanded since then. At the age of 20 I’m still a very young person consuming all different kinds of experiences, expressing myself through music.

5. I’ve been pursuing a music career for six years and it’s starting to pay off. I’m closely bonded to my family who has been with me through it all and I can’t wait to take on the world with them by my side.

6. Music is the most special when it is original and the same goes for fashion. I’ve evolved in my style since moving to California and being exposed to a lot of vintage boutiques, flea markets, and local designers. It’s been great fun to have beautiful pieces to play and take chances with.

7. To make a conscious effort to do at least one thing for somebody else everyday. Stay inspired. Feed your body healthy food. Listen to your heart’s intuition. Keep your family close.