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Believe me – nobody ever told me I resemble a guy (ok, ok, apart from the time I was 12 and thought a short ‘do would suit me – never again!). But even though the new magazine Wilderness is toted as a a ‘magazine for men’, I can’t wait until I hold the first issue! Luckily for me (and you), it will not be a magazine filled with tips for getting better abs, more dates, luxury yaughts and other awfulness: “This magazine is a physical manifestation of those campfire conversations with your best friends, when you drifted into some topic that changed the way you see the world, made you feel known, stronger, better. At least that’s our intention,” says editor Jedediah Jenkings. Basically, Wilderness wants to inspire people to become a better version of themselves, using nature and adventure as a catalyst. I think that’s an amazing idea – for men and for women alike!

Wilderness Magazine

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Wilderness is the brain child of Steve Dubbeldam, Sarah Dubbeldam’s husband (she’s the founder of the magazine Darling). Basically, Wilderness is the masculine version of Darling: non-glossy, without ads or Photoshop (Darling’s motto is: “Feel loved, not less”) and made with integrity and authenticity.

What to expect from the first issue of Wilderness? A beautifully bound, thick (100 pages!) magazine on matte paper, chock-full of opinion pieces, essays and wonderful photo stories. The only catch? It’s not there – yet. There’s a Kickstarter campaign to fund the magazine. Not to worry – in just one day (!!) they reached their target. But to score the first issue – or a subscription – you can still donate. Do be quick, there’s only 8 days left!

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In the meantime, you can dream away on Wilderness’s Instagram; it’s full of beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes! Or just watch this video:

Love, Liselore

PS Did you watch this absolute must see on editor Jedidiah?