Must see // Manifest by Desperados


Oh, the lovely atmosphere and the groovy dance moves! Oh, those sweet friends and the warm rays of sun! Oh, those wonderful bon vivants and amazing festivals! Do you want to relive the ultimate festival feeling? Then do watch this video by Desperados with Willem (from the band The Opposites)!


With the autumn months looming, I look back at the festival season of 2015 with feelings of melancholy. Down the Rabbit Hole was my favorite festival of the year, but Buiten Westen and DGTL deserve an honorary mention. What a season it was! It passed way too quickly. Most of the time, the sun was shining and we enjoyed every moment to the max: the music, each other, every little thing! This is the time of my life, in which I can and will still enjoy partying. So watch out, people: in 2016, I aim to enjoy the festival season in an even bigger and more international fashion!

Desperados Quote Final

Desperados Quote Final 2

I’m very pleased and honored by how many people have read my Festival Calender of 2015. You can certainly expect another one next year!

Which festival was your favorite this year? Which do you plan to attend in 2016?

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