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HAP7 Den Bosch

I have a confession to make: I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. What I do love, though, is Good Food. Luckily for me, my Good Food Venn-diagram circles beyond Carbs & Chocolate and I don’t believe in eating fish and meat every day (but when I do, it’s always organic). Consequently, I serve many a veg(eteri)an dish at my table. So yeah, Good Food. Which you can get at HAP in Den Bosch!

HAP1 Den Bosch

Following a very succesful crowdfunding campaign, HAP (a fair and vegan lunchroom and store) has recently opened its doors on the Kruisstraat in Den Bosch. It has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and the Kruisstraat is a very sweet little street close to the train station, dab on the sightseeing and funshopping route to the city center. In a past life, HAP was a part of the late lamented De Nieuwe Winkel, but its new incarnation is definitely worth a visit!

HAP6 Den Bosch

Since I’ve moved to Den Bosch, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of vegan eateries: there are a lot of sustainable, organic restaurants with some veg(eteri)an choices, but you can tell the love of meat reigns supreme (also by the ration meat – other stuff on your plate). Time for a change! HAP, as the first vegan lunchroom in Noord-Brabant, is a forerunner in this movement. And more good news: rumor has it that another vegan place will be coming to Breda in the near future.

HAP4 Den Bosch

Jochem and Eline run their 100% vegan café and coffee place with a simple menu, that changes daily. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced. HAP serves a mean coffee and they have a lot of gluten-, soy- and sugar free food. Jochem and Eline also bake cakes and cupcakes on request. Takeaway is possible!

HAP8 Den Bosch

HAP isn’t just a lunchroom, but a store as well: they sell freshly baked organic bread, all sorts of vegan groceries (holy grail vegan marshmallows!) and especially lots of heartiness, made with cheese, meat and fish substitutes. Check HAP’s Facebook for a better impression!

HAP5 Den Bosch

HAP also has an amazing treasury of organic sodas: from usual suspects cola (4 kinds) and old-fashioned lemonade to special Fritz en Wostok flavours like rhubarb (<3) , ginger-tarragon, date-pomegranate, rose, maté, melon, elderflower, grape and pine flavour.

HAP2 Den Bosch

One hot day, I decide to pay HAP a visit. Lots of diverse customers come in for coffee, like two old school yuppies who emphatically advise the owners to advertise the ‘Coffee’  in the window more clearly and a hip father on a dad-date with his little one.

HAP9 Den Bosch

On previous visits I’d already fallen in love with HAP’s wonderful cupcakes and soup. This time I order an enormous sandwich with a spread made from lupine, along with tomato, roasted pepper, loads of salad and a vegan bacon that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. Delicious! And a very solid meal for a day out in Den Bosch. Which unfortunately means I have no more room for a sweet treat, but hey, there’s always a next time!

HAP3 Den Bosch

Would you pay HAP a visit?

HAP10 Den Bosch
HAP Fair & Vegan winkel
Kruisstraat 24
5211 DV Den Bosch

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