The Virtual Notebook #11

This is an ongoing list of things that I come across in my daily life, which inspire me. I want to share these things with you. Random thing I’m grateful for. Facts that make me happy, inspire me or that urge me to take action. Products that really make the world a better place. Personal notes or messages I’ve received. News that gladdens me. Quotes I want to remember. The little things that make me (into) who I am. That’s the Virtual Notebook!



This live version of Lies really is 80 x better than the album version:

Mrs. Knot


Do you know Mevrouw Knot ? She’s a designer who makes the moest wonderful greeting cards for every thinkable occasion. DIY, of course, becase that’s how we roll! Do follow her at Instagram. It’ll make your day.

New discovery

Discovering new music randomly: it’s heaven. My latest discovery is Lord Huron – Time to Run. Not one of my Facebook friends ‘likes’  them, so it’s quite a find. For me. Hihi.


I seem to talk about this incessantly, but the way you experience life is so dependent on your perspective! This article by Miss Woods is very powerful. Every single day you make a choice.



Facebook may be 90 % bullshit, but sometimes I find small gems. Like this artwork. Isn’t it cool?


Last week, I watched The True Cost on Netflix and it led me to make a life-altering change. I will write a mindstyle article on the subject this week!

Oh, Russel

So. Much. Love. For this man.

Did you experience something inspiring these past few weeks? Do share, I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration!


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